Action Creates Confidence

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019

Only one week in with my new competition prep, and I’m already learning so much about this sport, and about myself. I’m excited to blog about it, because as I go through this journey, I want to make sure I don’t forget!

One thing to understand - the sport IS the preparation. The sport IS all the training and sacrifice. The sport is not the stage. It’s not the end contest. The stage is simply the awards ceremony of the sport. It’s to see if you won the game. The prep IS the game.

It’s important for ME to remember that. Because I am an athlete. It may not be the most traditional sport, but it’s a sport nonetheless. I am an athlete, and every day is game day.

Here is what my first day looked like:

Woke up 4:14 am - that’s when my 3 year old got up

6 am - leave for work

730 am get to work, have hot tea with stevia

930 am - ate breakfast - ½ cup oats with cinnamon, cooked in microwave with water

1130 am - snack - protein shake with almond milk, banana with sunflower seed butter

1 pm - lunch - 4 oz grilled chicken, 4 oz baked sweet potato, 1 cup steamed broccoli

3 pm - snack - 1 cup strawberries, rice cake with sunflower seed butter, protein shake with almond milk

450 pm - get to gym and workout for about 45 minutes - it was lower body day

6 pm - dinner -  3 oz grilled chicken, 3 oz baked sweet potato, 1 cup steamed green beans

Plus throughout the day I drank a full gallon of water

7 pm left to get my new tattoo!

1030 pm finally went to sleep  

I'm really enjoying my workouts. Most of the exercises I had to do were new to me. I was forced to use some new equiment at the gym even! That is always a little intimidating, isn’t it? I haven’t ever tried many things in the gym becuse of that silly fear of looking stupid. That fear that other people are watching you and you are going to do something wrong. The feeling of not knowing how to set up a machine, or maybe even being unsure how to do the exercise move correctly.

Granted, I know more than the average person becaue this is what I do lol. But I’m like everyone else - I get comfortable. I tend to stick with what I know and what I am comfortable with. Because of that, I tend to stick to certain machines and certain equipment, and the few times over the last couple of months that I did try something new, I made sure my gym bestie was with me so we could looik stupid together lol.

But this is so different. This was using several pieces of equipment I have never used, and a couple of exercises I have never done.

To be honest, I almost talked myself out of it. I thought, “maybe I could do this move instead, it works the same muscles…” or thinking “maybe I can try that next time”. I probably wasted a few minutes over the course of my workout just standing there arguing with myself.

And then I finally was like, you know what? f*ck it. I’m doing this because I have big goals. And I’m not going to reach those goals if I keep making stupid excuses. I know that nobody is watching me in the gym. Because I know I don’t watch anyone else. I’m too busy focusing on my form, my lifts, counting my reps…. Which is exactly what everyone else is doing! Basically, I had to get over my self.

So I did.

I took the scary action, just like I’m always coaching my clients to do. Because action brings confidence. The only way to get more confident in the gym is to keep going to the gym. The only way to get more confident with equipment and what to do, is to keep using different equipment and what to do with it.

Action brings confidence.

This journey is going to be a long one. Today is April 24th. I am 12 months away from my first competition. 12 months from being stage ready. 12 months of hard work and dedication. April 2020 is my projected show date.

Part of me feels like I won’t be able to stay focused that long. Like, that’s a long time to work this hard, eat this way, do these things….but the other part of me feels like it will be easier to do BECAUSE I have a date target. Knowing that I *only* have 12 months to change the entire way my body looks means I HAVE to stay on track. Every decision I make will affect whether or not that date is a reality. And that is the part I’m choosing to focus on.

I was thinking back on where I was a year ago. Pretty much in the exact same place I am now. Because I have been coasting. Maintaining. But now that it’s time to level up, I know that I can achieve a lot in a year, as long as I take the right actions to get me there. And if I’m honest, this past year has gone really fast.

Time is going to pass no matter what you do. That should never be a reason you don’t work on yourself. Don’t think about how long it’s going to take. Becuase the time will pass no matter what. And it always seems to go so fast in hindsight. But a year from now, do you want to be in the same place you are now? Or do you want to have grown and improved?

That is what you have to ask yourself. That is where you have to make a clear decision.

Once you do that, then you take the actions every day that will get you there. And I can tell you, having an actual goal date, something on the calendar to work for, REALLY helps you stay on track. Without something specific it’s too easy to talk yourself into treats all the time, or going out to eat too much, or skipping a workout.

But when my clients have a date - a wedding, a vacation, a business trip with a gown - they are ALWAYS more successful than the people that have a goal of “someday”.

I'd love to hear what kinds of goals you have! Drop a comment and let me know!



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