Do You Feel Like a Bad Christian?

Maybe you feel like the other Christians at church or in certain social groups are “better” than you.

I grew up in a Christian household. There was never a time in my life that I didn’t know about God and Jesus. As a middle schooler, I remember going to church and bible study and thinking, man these kids know more than me. They memorize verses better than me. They always know the answers.

As I got older, I had the same kind of thoughts. When I was dating my now husband, he made it a point to always go to church on Sunday morning, even if we had been out late Saturday night. At that point in my life, I wasn’t going to church at all, and hadn’t in a while. I felt weird being around this guy (the first Christian I dated btw) because he was obviously a “better” Christian than me.

Fast forward several years, and into our marriage. He wanted to join a Life Group with people at church. I was not excited about it. I didn’t want to be around a bunch of people that were going to be better than me and know more than me. I had this vision in my head of these people that had been raised always going to church, listened to Christian music, always dated Christian guys, and never did anything wrong. Plus they would be really good a praying out loud, which groups always did.

And it bothered me because then there was me. Hadn’t gone to church regularly my whole life, and never went as an adult. Had gotten involved in drinking and drugs at a young age. Had been a smoker. Had made horrible decisions with men. High School dropout. Couldn’t list the books of the Bible if you offered me a million dollars. Had never read the whole Bible, or even half the books. I just knew I was going to be so out of place. So judged. Because I was a bad Christian.  

But I went. We joined a Life Group, even though on the inside I hated doing it. I was resisting it so much. I barely talked. I felt so out of place and so uncomfortable. But there was a tiny little part of me that was trying to have faith in the process. Trusting that what my husband wanted to do in this case was the right thing for us and our family.

And slowly, the more times we went, the less anxiety I felt. These people were super nice, and a few of them were really funny even. My walls started to come down more. I hated it less and less. Eventually, through many meetings and discussions, I learned so much about these people.

There were stories of premarital pregnancies. Stories of teenage pregnancies, and even stories of abortion. There were stories of overcoming alcohol abuse, and drug use. So many stories. And I had this huge realization that I am not alone. Church is not against me. Church is not a place where only holy perfect people go. It is a hospital for the broken. These people were not better or worse than me. We are all the same. We are ALL sinners, and we ALL have the opportunity to be saved by Christ.

I think that so often we get these doubts and fears about being around other people that we think somehow are better than us. We have that fear of being judged. But you know what I have learned? It’s a complete lie. Those thoughts and feelings are not from God. They are from Satan. He wants us to feel less than. He wants us to stay away from church. He wants to drive that wedge between us and God, and he will do that by picking at our self doubts.

I’ve noticed the same thing happens with women working on their health and weight loss. Women will message me a question and I encourage them to ask it in the Facebook group so they can help others with the answers too. They always tell me something along the lines of “I can’t post in there, I’m too worried they will think it’s a dumb question” or they will say “Nobody will answer me anyway” or sometimes even “But those women are doing so much better than me, I’m just beginning and I don’t know anything”.

Do you see what is happening there? Satan is planting those doubts and lies in your head and in your heart to keep you from reaching out! If you grow closer to these women, and you strengthen in your journey, and strengthen your faith walk, you are growing closer to God. Don’t let fear win. It’s time for you to step up and take control of your life and what you want.

Confidence grows from action. Taking the first step, on any journey, is going to make you feel just a little more confident. And the next, just a little more. Each time your confidence will grow because you are continuing to take action.

Is it scary? Heck yes. Is it uncomfortable? 100% yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

God doesn't promise we won’t face adversity. But He does promise He will always be there with us through it.

What have you been resisting out of fear? What have you been feeling “less than” about? Reflect on that, and ask yourself, is this coming from God? Or is this coming from Satan? And then write out a list of actions you can take to help you overcome it. Step out in faith and trust that God only wants what is good for you.

And remember to live a Life Fueled by Faith


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