Everyone Messes Up...

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

This past weekend was Easter. We went out of town to my in-laws house, which requires a bit of a road trip. This all meant I had a LOT to figure out.

No matter what I have done for weight loss, I always just kind of “do what I can” when we go out of town or have big events. The road trip means we have to eat a meal at a restaurant on the way. Being in someone else’s house means I am at the mercy of what they cook and serve. Road trip back home means another meal out. So when working on weight loss, or when maintaining, I always just kind of figure well, not too much I can do about it, except watch my portions.

But I knew this weekend was going to have to be different. This weekend, I knew I needed to put in a lot more effort. Because now, my goals are much bigger, much more specific. Working on prepping for a bikini fitness competition takes a whole new level of commitment. 

So for the first time ever, I planned out all my food, and packed it up in a cooler to take with us. I told my mother-in-law I was bringing my own food because I am on a specialized diet and she totally understood and had no issues with it.

On the way down we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I got a salad with grilled chicken (gave the garlic bread it came with to my kids). Wasn’t a huge deal, didn’t even really crave anything else from there. I know the meal didn’t exactly hit my macros, but I was pleased with my choice given the options.

While we were at my in-laws, they ended up taking us out to dinner Saturday night to a grill house. For some reason, this time it was really hard for me to stay on plan. They got an appetizer of 3 dips and chips - which I have had there before, and therefore know they are AMAZING. The place we were at didn’t have sweet potatoes for a side, and they had lots of fried chicken strips, fried shrimp, etc.

I started to argue with myself.

I was thinking things like, well, I could do it just this once. Or, I’ve been doing so good, I deserve to splurge. Or, we are out to eat, spending time together...I don’t want to be rude or a killjoy. Or, maybe I could get the fish tacos, that should still be *close* to my macros...on and on…everything smelled and looked so good, and after a week of grilled chicken and steamed green beans, I was really wanting something more “satisfying”.

And had a pretty serious war in my head.

But then I forced myself to think about my goals. I actively switched my mind away from pictures of yummy splurge food, and instead to my body goals. My compeition. Forced myself to visualize walking on that stage. I said to myself, I am an athlete, and every day is game day.

So, to quell the overwhelming desire to eat the amazing 3 dips they odered, I allowed myself 1 super small taste of each, so I could taste it and savor it and the seduction of the unknown causing growing desire would be put out. Then I ordered a grilled chicken salad. Again, I know it didn’t perfectly hit my macros, but it was as close as I could get there.

Here is the thing you need to understand: The struggle never fully goes away.

Too often I hear women say things like they can’t wait till it gets easy, or they just want to get to a point where they don’t have to think about it so much. They want more will power, etc. etc. etc.

But after doing this for 3 years, I can tell you that it NEVER goes away.Let go of those unrealistic expectations because they will never be met, and you will always feel like you are failing, or like you are behind because you aren’t “there” yet.

Life will always have events. Holidays, birthdays, work happy hours...always there will be things. And with that, there will always be temptations. There will always be excuses.

Your mindset is the only thing that is going to keep you on track. Forcing yourself to remember why you are doing something. Forcing yourself to think of positive affirmations relevant to what you’re going through.

Mindset is like a muscle. It requires consistent work to get stronger, and it requires consistent work to maintain. You are never “done”. There is never a time where you reach the end and can just stop and everything stay magical and perfect.

Just like marriage takes consistent work, parenting takes consistent work, a relationship with God takes consistent work...so too does your mindset with health, fitness, and weight loss.

I also want to assure you - EVERYONE messes up. Everyone.

I’m in a private FB group for women that do bikini compeition preps so I can be learning and growing as I prepare for mine, and I have already seen posts where these women who have been working so hard are only 2 short weeks away from the stage, and they binge on junk food.

EVERYONE messes up.

Successful people are NOT perfect. Everyone messes up. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people course correct faster.

They are successful long term because they mess up, own it, learn from it, and move past it. NOT because they are perfect.

You just have to decide that you are no longer going to allow your mess ups to define you. That you are no longer going to let one mess up turn into days/weeks/months of spiraling out of control. You have to decide that your goals and dreams are bigger than the BS lies you allow into your brain.

Which you CAN do. You are perfectly capable of doing those things. You don’t need to wait for some magical will-power fairy, or wait for that motivation wand to be waved over you. Realize that you already have the power. You ARE the power. Don’t give that power to someone else, or to some THING else… You. Are. the. Power.

Remember - life gets to be amazing. All you have to do is take action.


- Jessie

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