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So far I have talked about what my new goals are for my physical body composition changes and strength gains. And I have shared with you what my calories and macro goals are (see previous posts!), and even how I am going to monitor and know when I need to adjust.

But I haven’t really gone into what exactly I’m doing in terms of how this is going to be executed. Well, it’s actually called IIFYM, or If It Fits Your Macros. This concept is currently taking the fitness world by storm. Basically, it is the concept of being able to eat pretty much whatever you want, as long as you stay in your macros! It’s also called Flexible Dieting.

I have never taken this approach before, since I have never been a fan of counting calories or macros. But I can see why it will be potentially beneficial. The reasoning is, rather than having to have a bunch of food that is “off limits” or deprive and restrict yourself, you are free to indulge in treats, or even pizza if you want to, as long as it fits in your macros. Some fitness professionals even talk about how they have a poptart every day while doing this, or Oreos, because they simply make sure to stay in their overall macros.

Now for me, I am pretty big on eating clean anyway. I know too much about all the chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors and everything else in our food and its harmful effects on our body. However, I am not perfect, and never claim to be. There are certainly times that I eat something processed, and even chemical filled. For me and my lifestyle, 100% clean 100% of the time just doesn’t realistically happen. So, I am finding this IIFYM approach to be very intriguing! Because for those occasions where I do eat something like that, it still technically fits into my plan, which means I shouldn’t have to worry about it affecting my goals at all.

That being said, I’m not going to be the type that eats a poptart everyday lol. For me, it’s going to be more about the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I’ll be eating good clean wholesome foods, and 20% of the time I’ll end up eating something not quite as wholesome, but I’ll be striving to stay in my macro goals regardless.

I like to think of myself as a scientist when it comes to my own body. I like researching, and I like testing things out. I like to see how my body reacts to things. I like to see what I’m able to get my body to do. I firmly believe there is no one right approach that everyone should follow. We are all different, and therefore our approach will be different. I’m genuinely excited to see how this goes. It’s soooo new for me, and soooo unknown, it’s a little scary and nerve wracking too lol. But I am excited!

I do also want to point out another thing. Throughout my journey, and my process of testing things out for my body, I have determined that there are some foods that I am sensitive to and do not digest very well. Gluten is one of them. If I eat too much gluten I get really bloated, and my joints get achy. Cow dairy is another one. If I eat too much cow dairy, I get a headache, runny nose, and can get digestive issues. I do not have to necessarily keep them out 100%, I just have to make sure I am seriously limiting them. Like no more than once a week, and in small amounts. Because of that, you will notice that my meal plans are largely dairy free and gluten free, as well a many of my recipes.

I have also found that I do not tolerate any nuts or nutbutters very well. I can no longer eat peanutbutter at all. It gives me horrible digestive issues and severe stomach pains. Nuts and nutbutters are great for the average person. They provide good healthy fat, and good protein. If you can tolerate these, consume them! But you will notice they are not in my plans because I can not tolerate them. I have found that I can tolerate pistachios in moderate amounts, and almond in small amounts (and no issues with almond milk or almond flour).

And finally, I know that I do not tolerate beans. Which is horrible because I love black beans, and chickpeas. And yes, that also means I can’t have hummus! Such a bummer. But they all cause me a lot of digestive issues. So again, you will not see these things in my meals, however I do believe they have great health benefits!

As you can imagine, having these kind of food intolerances makes my meal planning even more difficult. Yogurt and peanutbutter are common things in the IIFYM world to help round things out. So I’m going to have to really work to figure out what I’m going to do!

Thanks for reading today!

Share in the comments if you have heard of IIFYM, or what you think of it!

And Remember, Live a Life Fueled by Faith!

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