The Weight Loss Industry is Ruining Lives

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2019

I’m feeling very triggered today.

Fired up.

The weight loss industry is ruining lives. And I can’t take it anymore!

I can scroll down my newsfeed right now and see post, after post of “take this pill each day and lose 30 pounds!” or “Lose 50 pounds for only $24.99” or “who wants to drink this yummy thing and burn all your body fat in days!” or some other variation of these messages.

STOP. For the love of everything, STAHHHHHP.

It is NOT TRUE that you can just pop a pill or drink a thing and suddenly become skinny, or toned, or healthier. Deep down, you know it’s not true. That’s where your skepticism comes in. But you get distracted by the promise of how EASY it is, how FAST it will be, and how CHEAP you can do it. So you decide to try it.

But let’s be honest - if it were REALLY that easy and simple, wouldn’t EVERYONE have their perfect body?? Would obesity still be on the rise? NO. Because we would all do the easy thing!

But you try it anyway. And then when it doesn’t work for you, you feel WORSE. You feel defeated. You feel BROKEN, becuase even the “easiest thing” out there doesn’t work for YOU… You feel like you must be the only one. Like you failed, you did something wrong.


And when we feel worse, we tend to eat our feelings. We think well, I’m broken, I’m always going to be fat, so I might as well just do whatever. You don’t care enough about yourself anymore to eat well or exercise. So it makes you gain more weight, have even less energy. Destroys your metabolism along with any shred of self esteem you may have had left.

These shiny promises of quick fixes, easy ways to accomplish your goals ARE RUINING YOU. Making your metabolism worse. Making your mindset worse. Making you hate yourself even more.

I want to just shake you and look you in the eyes and tell you that you are better than that! You are worth more than that! You are smarter than that!

You are a strong badass female. You take care of your husband, you kids (who you also grew and birthed btw), handle a job, the house, all the things… you are certainly strong and capable AF of doing hard things! So why do you cheat yourself out of that same determination when it comes to your body and health?

Because the industry has ruined your mindset.

It’s time you fight back. It’s time to stop letting them control you this way. It’s time to rise up and OWN your badassery and do the hard things because you KNOW deep inside that you WANT to feel amazing in ALL ways.

And you’re here to make that happen.

Life get’s to be amazing. All you have to do is take action.


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