You Keep Self-Sabatoging

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019

So many times you have started a diet, a workout plan. Each time you PROMISE yourself, this is it.

This is the time I finally stick with it. Because I’m DONE feeling this way. I want to feel confident. I want to look hot. I want to feel desirable, sexy, amazing. I want to feel healthy, and look like I care about myself. So, this is it. THIS is THE diet that is going to work for me.

One, two, maybe three weeks in, something happens. It could be your period. It could be a birthday party. Maybe it was simply opportunity in the break room. But you eat the thing.

Someting that you weren’t supposed to eat. Something that was off limits. You eat it. And you eat a lot of it. The whole time, the voice in your head is trying to be heard. It’s trying to tell you to stop, that you don’t need to eat the thing, that you were doing so well...but you ignore it. You don’t want to hold yourself accountable. You pretend that voice isn’t there.

Until you’re done eating the thing. She can’t be silenced anymore. Now she’s loud, and she’s mean. Telling yourself of COURSE you failed again. You always fail. You have no control. You will always be miserable. So you eat more things.  

And that's how we get into the cycle. That’s how it starts.

I feel fat, I feel crappy, I am never going to do any better so I'm going to eat my feelings.

And you keep eating crap. You get the ice cream out. The cookies. The chips. It all comes out and you eat. Because you are MAKING yourself feel crappy. You are TELLING yourself that you will always be this way.

You're perpetuating the negative self talk and that self-hate talk and that is contributing to a continuation of the bad behavior that you want to stop doing in the first place. Self-sabotoge.

Because you think that eating those things is going to make you feel better and so you continue to go down that path, when istead, you could just say, “you know, I did the best that I could in the situation  (maybe it’s acknowledging you were busy and learning and becoming a new mom, or you started a new job, or you’re still working to brek old habits, or whatever) and now I'm going to learn how to do better. I accept the fact that it happened, I embrace it, becuase it’s serving a purpose. I am learning from it. I see where I could have made a better choice, and I'm going to make changes and I'm going to be healthier”.

This cycle of thinking is where the freedom comes from. You no longer turn to food to comft yourself for making bad decisions about food. Instead of perpetuating the negative thought process side of it, you learn to check yourself. You learn to flip it to the positive.

Doing this will not only make you feel better but it's actually going to put you into action mode and action is where change happens. You’re telling yourself that you can learn from it, telling yourself you can do better. So instead of being in that negative thought process and this backpedaling of I'm going to eat like crap because I feel like crap and eating like that makes me feel more like crap and getting in that cycle….instead you acknowledge where you were, acknowledging wher eyou want to be, and what actions you can take right away to get you closer to your desired outcome.  

Flip the switch and get into action mode. Maybe it’s going for a walk, or doing a workout. Maybe you need to drink a bunch of water tohelp detox what you ate. Maybe it’s making a super nutritious, veggie packed dinner.

You move into postitive action mode.

Suddenly one day you look back and you realize that for the first time, you deid not self-sabotoge. For the first time, you stayed in control.

And you will feel amazing.

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