A Huge Announcement - And I'm Terrified!

So, I did a big scary thing.

I’ve been trying to decide how to tell you all what I’ve done… partially because I’m so excited it’s hard to put into words, and partially because I’m so scared it’s hard to put into words ...

This thing I’ve done is going to drastically change my life. It’s going to change my social life, my family life… all the things.

It’s something I have wanted to do for years. Something that I’ve been too scared to do. Haven’t had the confidence to do.

I’ve been afraid of the investment cost. Afraid of what I’m going to have to change.

I’ve been afraid to commit. Afraid of how long it’s going to take. Afraid of the discipline and consistency it’s going to require.

MASSIVELY afraid of failing.

All those fears are compounded exponentially by putting it out there for the world to see, btw lol.

But here is what I have learned – we never truly feel...

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