Exercise Makes You Sexier!

Before you get the wrong idea, keep reading.

I’m not talking about sexy as in the way your body looks. The fact is, women can feel sexy at ANY size or shape, just like they can feel unsexy at any size or shape.

What I’m talking about is the fact that exercising gives you confidence - and confidence is sexy!

One of the BIGGEST changes I’ve had, and the one my husband comments about the most, is the changes I have had in my confidence. I have more confidence now than I’ve EVER had the entire time he’s known me In fact, more than ever in my entire LIFE.

When you take care of your body, when you feed it well and exercise regularly, something shifts inside you. No matter what size you are, the shift still happens.

I see it in my clients ALL THE TIME.

Taking that action, STARTING, moving and improving gives MASSIVE confidence immediately. It’s fact!

I’m telling you - if you want to feel sexy, if you want to feel energized and ready to take on...

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A Huge Announcement - And I'm Terrified!

So, I did a big scary thing.

I’ve been trying to decide how to tell you all what I’ve done… partially because I’m so excited it’s hard to put into words, and partially because I’m so scared it’s hard to put into words ...

This thing I’ve done is going to drastically change my life. It’s going to change my social life, my family life… all the things.

It’s something I have wanted to do for years. Something that I’ve been too scared to do. Haven’t had the confidence to do.

I’ve been afraid of the investment cost. Afraid of what I’m going to have to change.

I’ve been afraid to commit. Afraid of how long it’s going to take. Afraid of the discipline and consistency it’s going to require.

MASSIVELY afraid of failing.

All those fears are compounded exponentially by putting it out there for the world to see, btw lol.

But here is what I have learned – we never truly feel...

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The Weight Loss Industry is Ruining Lives

I’m feeling very triggered today.

Fired up.

The weight loss industry is ruining lives. And I can’t take it anymore!

I can scroll down my newsfeed right now and see post, after post of “take this pill each day and lose 30 pounds!” or “Lose 50 pounds for only $24.99” or “who wants to drink this yummy thing and burn all your body fat in days!” or some other variation of these messages.

STOP. For the love of everything, STAHHHHHP.

It is NOT TRUE that you can just pop a pill or drink a thing and suddenly become skinny, or toned, or healthier. Deep down, you know it’s not true. That’s where your skepticism comes in. But you get distracted by the promise of how EASY it is, how FAST it will be, and how CHEAP you can do it. So you decide to try it.

But let’s be honest - if it were REALLY that easy and simple, wouldn’t EVERYONE have their perfect body?? Would obesity still be on the rise? NO. Because we would all do the...

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