School Lunch Ideas!

School is in full swing now that we have been back for a while. We are starting to get comfortable in our routines, and things are feeling calmer. For now anyway!

I can’t stand how much our kids lives are junk-centric. So much sugar, so many chemicals… just all the things their little developing bodies do not need.

Did you know that since the 70s, obesity rates in children have TRIPLED?? That is wayyyyy too much. Our babies deserve better than that. And I believe that it is 100% up to us.

They are children. They do not know how food works in their bodies. They do not know about the harmful chemicals or all the sugar. It is our job to teach them. And I’m here to tell you, school certainly isn’t teaching them, with all the junk they are giving away. And don’t even get me started on the “healthy” school lunches that are served….

It is our job. And maybe YOU aren’t even fully aware of these things about food. You probably...

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