A Day of Preparing!

In my studies, and in my work as on online weight loss coach, I have learned a lot about how to properly design meals and exercise programs based on the person's goals and on the individual themselves.

I’m using all of these things to determine my personal plan too. Just like I would do for any client of mine! Speaking of, I have a few spots open for private coaching right now, so if you’d like to apply, email me at [email protected] and we can take about a custom proposal for you. I don’t put all of my clients in the same box, because you are all unique. So if diets have failed you in the past, I encourage you to ask yourself - were trying to follow someone else’s diet, or did you have a specific plan for you and your body? That could very well be the missing piece for you. Email me!

But back to me lol. Today was the day I sat down and did the annoying part - all the math! I had to figure out what my target calories need to be, and what my macro...

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Why Are There So Many Diets Out There?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the diets? Is your Facebook wall filled with posts like:

“I drank these shakes and lost 50 pounds!”

“Shakes don’t work, you have to chew your food, and I’ve lost 50 pounds!”

“I started Keto and lost 50 pounds!”

“Keto doesn’t work, you NEED carbs, and I’ve lost 50 pounds!”

“Eat less calories and workout more. I’ve lost 50 pounds!”

“You have to eat every 2 hours or it kills your metabolism!”

“Don’t eat so often, it’s what makes you gain weight!”

“I went vegan and lost 50 pounds!”

“I went gluten free and lost 50 pounds!”

“Cardio is the best way to lose weight! I run every day and have lost 50 pounds!’

I think you get my point. But I could totally keep going.

There is LOADS of conflicting information out there, even among fitness experts, nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors. Everyone seems to...

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Do You Feel Like a Bad Christian?

Maybe you feel like the other Christians at church or in certain social groups are “better” than you.

I grew up in a Christian household. There was never a time in my life that I didn’t know about God and Jesus. As a middle schooler, I remember going to church and bible study and thinking, man these kids know more than me. They memorize verses better than me. They always know the answers.

As I got older, I had the same kind of thoughts. When I was dating my now husband, he made it a point to always go to church on Sunday morning, even if we had been out late Saturday night. At that point in my life, I wasn’t going to church at all, and hadn’t in a while. I felt weird being around this guy (the first Christian I dated btw) because he was obviously a “better” Christian than me.

Fast forward several years, and into our marriage. He wanted to join a Life Group with people at church. I was not excited about it. I didn’t want to be around...

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