• Imagine if God was part of your exercise routine
  • Imagine if instead of working out because you feel GUILTY about something you ate, you actually LOOKED FORWARD to your work outs
  • Imagine if you realized God wants you to take care of your body, to exercise, and to be strong 
  • Imagine if you LOVED your body, and RESPECTED yourself as God's creation
  • Imagine if, instead of feeling selfish for spending time exercising, or dreading your workouts, you actually felt AMAZING for taking that time each day and understood its importance in your relationship with God


I promise you all of those things are possible. The secret is actually really simple - you just have to open God’s word.

He tells us what we need to know. There is evidence in the bible that exercising should be part of our lives. And I can tell you from personal experience - once I shifted my mindset AWAY from the worldly reasons for working out (being thin, more attractive, cute clothes, losing weight) and instead saw it as an act of worship and sign of respect, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I have been more consistent in my workouts in the last 6 months than I have been my whole life.

So if you are DONE feeling guilty about exercise and you are ready to see what God’s word says about your health, then you are going to want to be part of this.



A 30 day journaling and exercise experience to help you explore what the bible says about your health and fitness, and help you take your healthy lifestyle to the next level - physically AND spiritually.

It is NOT selfish to take care of yourself and your body, and in fact, you MUST take care of your body. Like Rick Warren said “God made it, Jesus died for it, the Holy Spirit lives in it, I better take care of it”.

It is an act of worship to honor God with how you treat your body. And I’m going to help you see that.
I Just Want the 30 Day Journal I Want the 30 Day Journal AND the Amazing App!!


Two options to choose from depending on the level of coaching you need!

Option 1:

  • A 30 day printable journal ebook, with a daily workout log, workout assessment, bible verse related to health and fitness with my thoughts and reflections, a place for you to journal with a prompt, and a daily prayer
  • You will also get a daily email reminder with the bible verse to help hold you accountable and give you something to keep in mind throughout your busy day, plus some extra tips and motivation along the way
  • A daily workout tracker so you can monitor your progress with whatever exercise you choose to do
  • A weekly meal planning worksheet
  • At the end of each week you will get an email from me with an audio training to help you reflect on the week and motivate you to continue with a joyous heart!

Option 2:

  • Everything included in Option 1
  • PLUS 30 days of access to my private app! This includes a Made to Move workout plan that can be done at home with little to no equipment, plus video clips of how to do each move so you always know what you are supposed to do
  • Access to my full additional workout video library in the app so you can change things up or create your own workout plan
  • Chat with me privately in the app for extra support, motivation, or to ask questions
  • Add a nutritional element to your program by logging your food in the app
  • You can even track your stats and progress in the app by saving weight, measurements, and weekly photos to your private profile


I Just Want the Journal, Option 1 I'm Ready for an Epic Change! Give me Everything with Option 2!


BONUS #1: 55 clean eating snack ideas fit for the whole family! Great for at home, on a road trip, even school snacks! If you are learning the importance of treating your body right, then you know it’s important to help your kids learn too.

BONUS #2: A sample clean eating grocery list! It can be overwhelming trying to navigate the food aisles when you are transitioning to eating better. What is ok to eat? What isn’t? What am I looking for? Take the guesswork out and get some ideas for YOUR family with this helpful worksheet!

BONUS #3: My video explaining clean eating and the importance of reading food labels - plus how to read them! How do you know what to look for? What’s the difference between the nutrition label and the ingredient label? Which is more important? I help you overcome the overwhelm by breaking it all down for you, so it can be EASY.


I Just Want the Journal, Option 1 I'm Ready for an Epic Change! Give Me Everything with Option 2!!


I’m not exactly proud to admit this, but for the first 2.5 years as a health coach, I was horrible at being consistent with my workouts. And honestly? I never thought to invite God to be involved in that part of my life. Didn’t even cross my mind.

I thought working out was what you did to just lose weight, and something you did because you were on a diet. And I know that is where so many of you are now.

Once I realized that exercise is actually an important element in my walk with God, everything changed. I now wake up at 4:30am every week day ENERGETICALLY and head to the basement to get my workout done before the hectic day starts. I know I’m honoring God with these actions.

And yes, I have lost weight, I have gained muscle, and I have leaned out. But those things are no longer the goal - they are a happy byproduct of me obeying God’s will for how I treat this body.

And I want you to experience this amazing and FREEING feeling, too.

I Just Want the Journal, Option 1 I'm Ready for an Epic Change! Give Me Everything With Option 2!

Have Questions?

Email me at [email protected] and lets chat!

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I Just Want the Journal, Option 1 I'm Ready for an Epic Change! Give Me Everything with Option 2!!

** Please note, no physical printed versions of the journal are being sent at this time. You will receive a PDF version.

"Jessica, this program has helped immensely get my mind and heart in the right place. I love the devotions and the accountability of this app. I have lost 4 lbs. and I’ve been lax in measuring but I feel better in general- feel better in my clothes, my face appears thinner, and my skin is glowing. I’m on my second week of intermittent fasting, I am not always perfect but I believe it is helping me really think about what I am putting into my body. I don’t want the program to end after 30 days! Thank you! "

Pamela L.

"Made to Move is not like any other program I have participated in. In fact, Made to Move is not really a “program” at all but rather; an experience. A thought provoking, spirit enriching, heart nourishing , and soul deepening experience. I found the devotions very uplifting and motivating. The journaling questions/assignments were engaging and cathartic. Made to Move takes a truly holistic approach to health. Having a “plan” is great, but there are no shortage of plans out there and yet we continue to struggle, why?! Made to Move helped me discover some of my whys. I still have moments of struggle. I still have triggers I am working to name and understand better but all in all I feel I am leaps ahead of where I was prior to starting this program. For my own personal reasons I did not weigh myself but I’m certain based on clothing fit and appearance that I’ve lost both inches and pounds and others have noticed too. I’m also getting stronger in the gym which feels amazing! Thank you Jessie for pouring your beautiful heart into this “program” and sharing it with us. God Bless you, I wish you so much success!"

Christina B.

"As you know, I started this journey not working out at all because of health issues and even though I still haven't tried much besides take 30 minute walks, it is still an improvement. I remember that I'm doing this in God's glory and thank him that I am physically able to take these walks. So far I have really enjoyed the daily devotionals and it has helped me remember why we exercise and eat healthy in the first place. We do it all for God. And when I bring God into my workouts, such as pray and listen to Joy FM, my workouts seem so much easier and time just flies by. I have not retaken my measurements yet, but I did lose 6.5 lbs. I still fluctuate a pound or 2 and seem to gain a little back over the weekend because my eating habits aren't always as good on the weekends. But I continue to learn more and more and stay more consistent than I've probably ever been this last year. Thank you for all you do and the information you continue to teach all of us on this journey!"

Dawn N.

"I absolutely love MTM! I knew my body was a temple but never truly treated it as one physically or spiritually. Doing the daily journal and reading what the Bible says about my body really opened my eyes and mind up to how The Lord sees me and how he wants me to treat myself. I’m in the process of finding food freedom and I know I’ll get there soon! I plan on “restarting” every 30 days until I’m where I need to be physically and spiritually with my body and mind when it comes to food. I’m so happy you designed this program and know The Lord is too. Thanks for doing His work!"

Kim G.

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