Hello, Gorgeous!

I’m glad you’re here!
But chances are, if you are here, it’s because you are tired.

  • You are tired of feeling tired.
  • Tired of being overweight.
  • Tired of being unhealthy.
  • Tired of dieting with no results (or at least not lasting ones). 


Trust me when I say I know what it feels like to spend valuable time and money on things that end up not working. I know what it feels like to suffer through a diet only to come out the other side no better off. I know what it feels like to HOPE that this thing is finally THE THING that will make a difference, only to be disappointed yet again. 

But I want you to know something. THERE IS A BETTER WAY. 

The problem with diets is that they don’t take into account your bio-individuality. Your uniqueness. Diets try to put everyone in the same box. But does that really make any sense? 

Everyone is so different…. different metabolisms, different hormones, different gut health, different rates of burning energy, different muscle mass and body fat indexes…everything is different.

So why do you keep trying things that are putting you in the same box as everyone else?

It’s time for you to take an individualized approach. 

Because the only way to do what works for YOUR body, is to be given a plan that allows you to learn your body, and work WITH it instead of AGAINST it. 

Introducing my private 1:1 coaching

Losing weight and being healthy is NOT about wasting hours in a gym every day, nor is it about starving yourself and depriving yourself of everything or obsessing over every morsel of food. Instead, it IS about creating healthy, sustainable habits that will actually get you RESULTS.

So let me ask you this…

  • Are you a busy woman ready to take control of your weight, health, and mindset?
  • Are you ready to STOP dieting, and instead have a truly maintainable lifestyle that gets you true and lasting results?
  • Are you ready to have ENERGY and mental clarity?
  • Are you ready to have CONFIDENCE in yourself, inside and out?
  • Are you ready to FINALLY have an INDIVIDUALIZED plan that meets YOUR unique needs, goals, and lifestyle?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then private coaching is for you. 

Those extra pounds you want to lose? We will make that happen.

That belly fat you can’t seem to get rid of? We will destroy it. 

That all-or-nothing dieters mentality that causes you to spiral out of control every time you “mess up”? We will get rid of it for GOOD. 

I know, without a doubt, that together we can set realistic goals that feel good and exciting for you. I know we can put together a plan that will be easy for you to follow and allows you to be EXCITED to work on those goals. 

It’s completely possible to feel GOOD working on your health and fitness – rather than miserable.

And I want YOU to experience it too. So here is an overview of what happens:

You will never “diet” again.

Instead of another complex diet program to follow that doesn’t meet your needs, I’ll teach you how to naturally jumpstart your metabolism, so your body becomes more efficient. From there, you will learn how to eat intuitively, avoiding deprivation which means you will avoid the diet/binge cycle. 

Simple practices, massive results!

We’ll break your complex goals into small, intentional daily practices that add up to massive transformations. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature, that last a lifetime, AND give you the results and confidence you want.

Nutrition and fitness that fit into your REAL life.

We’ll start with YOU — your life, needs, and goals. We will take into account your family, your job, and any other big life demands that have made health less of a priority for you in the past. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you eat, move, and live better, all within the context of your real, everyday life. The nutrition will be based on YOU, and the workout options will be tailored to YOU. 

Guidance and support every step of the journey!

I am there for you every step of the way to give you accountability, direction, and support. I will help you stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you. When you have questions, I’m just a message away. When you have struggles, and victories, I will be there to cheer you on, encourage you, and support you. You should NOT go through this alone. 

Backed by science. Proven with real people.

The coaching methods & programs I use have massive amounts of medical and scientific information to support their validity. I give you the tools you need to be educated on how your body works, why it works that way, and how to take advantage of it to get results. Plus, I have taken several clients through these same methods, all with massive results. And the best part? I never stop learning and growing, which means YOU won’t either. Because I will always share my information with you. 

So…if you are ready to:

  • FINALLY break free of diets, binge eating, and low self esteem
  • Learn how make your body work FOR you rather than against you, by naturally tapping into it’s amazing ability to source energy
  • Lose weight that STAYS OFF, while getting truly healthier from the inside out
  • Gain confidence and self -love like you’ve never had before


Then it’s time for you to send me an email. Let's talk about your goals, and what you need to get to them.

Working with me privately, one on one, will ensure you are TRULY getting individualized guidance and support. I will be completely focused on YOU and YOUR needs. 


Payment plan options available. Email me at [email protected] to discuss.

What Others Are Saying!

Take a look at these REAL LIFE testimonies from REAL LIFE clients!

"Jessica Conley is amazing with the wealth of knowledge she has with her weight loss programs. I have been following all of Jessica’s information for 4 months and I am down 24.1 lbs and 19.6 total inches. I feel great and I owe Jessica a BIG thank you for all of her support and knowledge!"

D. P.

"I had not weighed in for a while. Yesterday I finally remembered to in the morning and I am down 33 pounds in 5 months! I feel great. Have energy. Clothes that fit. I don't miss the carbs or added sugars or processed food! It has been a wonderful journey and I plan to keep at it- not necessarily to lose more weight but just for the health benefits!"

J. S.

"Been doing this with Jessica for 4 weeks and I’m down 15.25 inches and right at 13 lbs. feeling much better health wise. Thank you so much for the help!!"

A. L.

"It gets addicting one you start seeing results. & it’s about a lifestyle change.. not a temporary quick fix! Time to get back to loving myself!! ❤️"

R. L.

"I already feel amazing! I know it’s only been 4 days but I feel GREAT! I still have a mild headache but other than that I have so much energy and I FEEL skinny. (Not sure if that’s possible but I do) I woke up this morning and I had mental clarity. I didn’t hit snooze on my alarm like I usually do! My outfit fits better than it did when I wore it last week! How is that possible just after 4 days??"

A. M.

Have Questions?

Not sure if this is for you?

Email me at [email protected] and lets chat!

Feeling in control, confident, and attractive is something that every woman deserves.

But, no matter how you look on the outside, it's all about how you feel on the inside.

How you benefit from a personalized plan

A personalized weight loss plan that is customized to your body and your life is the most effective way to lose weight.

A plan with actionable steps, personalized motivation and personalized accountability will lead you to a new way of life with confidence, control and vitality.

Improving your health should be your top priority.

 Here is how I make YOUR health MY top priority...

1. A plan that fits into your life

A customized plan to lose weight totally tailored to YOU. Considering your lifestyle, body type, limitations, family, and your personal preferences. 

2. Motivation and emotional support

Staying focused and engaged is critical to your success.  With support and understanding you can break through the emotional challenges and keep your motivation high.

3. Nutritional  planning

Meal planning that is simple and do-able with flexible eating guidelines based on your taste and your unique schedule. I will teach you the science behind what will jump start your metabolism and balance your hormones for effective weight loss, but we work TOGETHER to make it work for YOUR lifestyle. 

4. Physical activity

Exercises based on your body’s fitness level and abilities.  Workout routines based on what you like and dislike.

5. Accountability

The Key To Your Success!  A weight loss plan is only as good as it's implementation.  Connecting the why you make healthier choices to your positive outcome.   Staying focused with willpower and clarity of purpose. Caring, constructive feedback will help you break through your weight loss barriers.


Email me NOW. I am currently Accepting new clients.

It’s time for you to step into UNSTOPPABLE!


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