Clarity Call

Find out what you need one on one help with the most, and where you are getting stuck.

30-minute phone call


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Meal Planning Session

Learn how to meal plan quickly and easily for every meal for the whole family. Includes meal planning worksheet, and 1 week of completed meal plans to help you get started. Plus I’ll help you learn to make a grocery list and eat clean on a budget. All tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

30-minute phone call


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In-depth Goal Setting and Strategy Sessions

Together we will work on determining what your goals are, put timeframes around them, and strategize a plan to get you the next steps to achieving those goals.
This is done in two 20 minute calls.
Also includes 2 follow-up emails for accountability and strategy application. 
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IMPORTANT: All sales are final. You are responsible for booking your session within 45 days of purchasing your session. After 45 days (on the 46th day), your session will be forfeited with no refund.


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